Homemade Daily Shower Cleaner Spray

Don’t you find it a bit ironic that the shower-head which is the source of purifying water that is supposed to clean us up, is always dirty? Personally, I find this issue frustrating as hell and I simply can’t look at it whenever I take a shower, unless I do something about it. The obvious solution would be to rush to the local store and purchase a cleaning product that is probably reached in chemicals.

I don’t say that such a quick fix doesn’t work or that the consequences would be catastrophic, but quite frankly I won’t settle even for the slightest nuisance. The reason I can afford to be so resolute is that I have a homemade alternative that leaves the showerhead spotless without raising any concerns whatsoever. There are no high costs involved either and by following a set of simple instructions, anyone can create this potent mixture without unnecessary delays and without the risk of failing.


Vinegar is the answer in this case, in fact it is the answer to many of those questions that revolve around cleaning products that can be used to turn a filthy house spotless virtually overnight. In conjunction with hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol, it could produce the ultimate shower cleaning product, while the dishwasher rinse aid will wrap it up. Feel free to use dish soap, in small quantities and know that you can create a significant quantity of daily shower cleaner spray, because it doesn’t degrade in time.

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