Homemade Natural Mascara


Almost free, chemical free mascara??? Really??? I say almost free because I did have to buy one product especially for making this mascara. It was the beeswax. I already had all the other ingredients on hand and the recipe used so little, it was like getting the ingredients free. This mascara is not only beautiful when you put it on your eyes, it’s also quite good for your lashes and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. You know everything you put into the mix.

I loved the fact that she showed how to use old mascara tubes, washing them first and then filling them with the homemade mascara. I have several I’ve hung onto for a while, not ready to discard them in case I ran out of my good mascara. I just washed them out and filled several empty tubes.

The recipe made enough for at least three of the smaller ones, so either cut it in half, fill several at once or create homemade mascara with a few friends and share the cost. I like the last option. In fact, a make-up making party might not be a bad idea.

image: Ela Gale

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