How to Choose the Best Lipstick for Different Skin Tones


I know you’re probably already aware that some skin tones look best with some shades of lipstick. Most of us learned it the hard way when our best friend loaned us their favorite shade in high school and we looked horrible in it. Everyone has a different skin tone or undertone that can clash with the undertones of different colors of lipstick and create a look that isn’t anything close to the original intent. I need to use reds and pinks that have more of a yellow base rather than a blue one or I look sick.

This video made it so easy. It showed the various skin tones and just the right shade of lipstick to use on them. I found my selections were perfect based on the video, but wouldn’t have had to go through so many trial and error attempts and spend so much on lipstick I used once and then left in my drawer forever. It’s worth a watch and can cut out the waste that buying the wrong shade brings.

So if you’re wondering what colour lipstick suits you, check this video below.

Credit: Myntra

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