How to Clean Microfiber Furniture

If you are the proud owner of microfiber furniture, you need not to worry about how much a steam cleaner would charge and there is no need to purchase expensive cleaning equipment either. The solution for restoring the vibrant colors in your furniture is closer than you think and with minimal expenses and virtually no effort you can bring it to pristine condition. Vacuuming won’t get the job done, but it is still an essential step and in this particular case it is the first action you need to take.

While this makes perfect sense, you are probably just as surprised as I was to hear that alcohol is the answer. Before jumping to hectic conclusions, bear in mind that it is supposed to be sprayed over the dirty area and then scrubbed with a sponge, ideally a white one to prevent color mixing. You will need to wait a bit until the results will become visible, but if you are patient for the alcohol to evaporate and rub gently with a soft brush, you will be impressed.




The purpose of this final step is to restore the softness of the fabric, so that at the end of the cleaning process your furniture will feel just as good as it looks. You have no reason to worry about the smell left behind by the alcohol, because it vanishes soon after the operation is complete. Even the most persistent stains are swiftly dealt with and the process can be repeated over and over again without causing damage.


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