How to Clean Rust in a Kitchen Sink


I do not like many of today’s cleaning products. They don’t get the area clean enough to offset the fact they contain harsh chemicals. Instead, I use many natural products to clean. But even with my trusty vinegar and baking soda, I couldn’t get the rust stain out of my stainless steel sink in the kitchen. I guess I wasn’t adding some of the magic ingredients necessary to help remove it that Joanna Cahill, owner of Healthy Home Cleaning, used on the YouTube video from essortment.

She had a few extra hints that really worked well and got the sink spotlessly clean quickly. While I had a pumice stone in the bathroom that I occasionally used on my feet, not often enough may I add, I never thought of using it to clean the sink. That was the cherry on the ice cream sundae that did the trick.

Watch the video and you’ll be stocking up on great cleaning products you can use for cooking, too.

Credit: essortment

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