How to Clean Stove Grates – Easy and No Scratching


Seriously, what’s more, frustrating than trying to scrub around those curves and corners on stove top grates and still not getting them clean. I found a great (I could say grate, LOL) idea that will help you cut the actual cleaning time to a minimum, even though it does involve some time to allow the product to work.

It uses an inexpensive household product, but one that I regularly use outside. That’s why I liked this video, even though they cleaned the burner grates inside, they did it in a plastic bag that minimized the exposure.

I read everywhere on the internet to find out how to dispose of ammonia, since breathing it can be toxic, which is one reason I loved the fact the cleaning action occurred in a plastic bag. Most websites said just mix it with water and pour it down the drain when you’re done cleaning.

After reading this, I tried this great method in the garage, spraying the burner grates, so there wasn’t a lot of ammonia in the bag. The burner’s grates cleaned up instantly, and it only cost pennies to do.

Note: whenever working with ammonia make sure you’re wearing protective gloves and goggles. Also, make sure the windows are open and you’re in a well-ventilated place.

Credit: DIYsupermom

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