How to Clean Burnt Pan and Pot Bottoms


When I got a new pot rack as a gift, I was too mortified to hang the pots and pans. They had bottoms that simply wouldn’t come clean. Everywhere I turn there’s a new video on how to clean the inside of the pan when it’s coated with burned on food, but what about the outside of the pan. I have several beautiful pans that no longer look as nice as they did when I bought them.

It were primarily due to scorch marks and burned on gunk that ran over the sides when I wasn’t watching carefully. I didn’t think there was anything that could take this off, let alone take it off without hours of scrubbing, but this video convinced me otherwise.

The video tested four types of products often touted as quick ways to get rid of the burned on ick on the bottom of pans. Two products were found to be the best. I’m glad because I have both of them on my shelf in the kitchen. There was one method I had never heard of using, but luckily it didn’t work well because I was fresh out of it and wanted to try the best method on the grimy pan bottoms. The tests don’t lie.

Now my pots and pans are as clean on the bottom as they are on the top, and I can proudly hang them on my new pot rack without embarrassment.

Credit: Clean my Space