How to Steam Clean Your Microwave

how to clean microwave

I love, love, love this little tip and immediately had to try it the minute after the video ended. We barely use the microwave once or twice a week, so it’s often neglected when it comes to cleaning. In fact, I noticed last night that it was looking a bit dubious and bordering on the edge of scary when I heated a few pieces of leftover pizza.

That’s why when I saw this video, I knew I just had to try it immediately, lest I’d forget to clean it until the next time I used the beast, then I might not have time. I will say one thing; I usually hate cleaning this appliance. It always seems the food sticks to the ceiling of it and clings on tight, making removal almost impossible for anyone that’s not a contortionist.

I followed the directions to the letter, unlike many times where I improvise because I think I have a better idea which isn’t always true. This tip worked like a charm. The solution to this cleaning product is cheap and efficient, doesn’t require hardly any work or effort and gets the microwave spotless.

With the remainder of the cleaning solution, I also cleaned the toaster, coffee pot and threw the rest in the toilet to do its magic. Nothing goes to waste in my house, and most everything has a double purpose.

Watch the video and you’ll be amazed at just how easy this cleaning tip is. I swear to you it works, but I know you’ll want to try it yourself just to be sure!

Credit: American Express