How to Create “No-Heat” Paper Towel Curls


Seriously, when I watched this video several things came to mind, especially when she said she went out and walked the dog with the toilet paper in her hair. I thought, now that’s a handy way to carry it. But the end results convinced me it was really a great beauty trick that was super inexpensive to do. You’re probably wondering what I did with the toilet paper after I tried it.

Anyone who knows me knows nothing goes to waste in my house. We were saving newspaper to make a paper mache project and I just added it to the batch. Seriously, finding newspapers isn’t nearly as easy as it used to be.

I did start with a new roll of paper, rather than using the tissue from the roll we were using. It just seemed right. Since this worked so well, I’m going to do it more frequently and at first thought I’d keep a roll set aside just for this purpose, but ended up putting the roll on the roller within a day. You’ll love the luxurious curls you’ll get with this little hack and want to share it.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to look your best and you don’t have to damage your hair to get a look you’ll love. This video proves it. These paper towel strips work nicely, because they wick excess moisture from the hair and help set the curl.

image: Nicole Skyes