How to Cut a Lime to Get All the Juice

how to cut lime to get more juice

Have you ever needed a second lime to create all the juice necessary for a recipe, when you should have been able to get it from just one. That can cost you. What’s even worse is that most of the time, part of the second lime goes unused and there’s still juice left in the lime halves from the first one. It’s all on how you cut the lime that makes a huge difference. If you’re like me, you cut the lime in half in the middle, with all the sections showing, and then squeeze it as hard as you can. There simply isn’t enough power in your hands to get it all.

The best way to slice that lime is to turn that round lime into a rectangle. You’ll lay it on it’s side and cut it lengthwise, but not down the middle. Instead, you’ll cut off four slices, leaving a long thin rectangular core. First lay the lime on its side and move your knife in from the edge as though you were slicing the lime in thirds. Next, move the lime so the newly sliced side is face up with the rounded edge on the bottom. Again, you’ll move the knife as though you were cutting the lime in thirds, cutting off the side edge. Rotate that edge to the top and slice away the side with the rind again as you did previously. Flip the lime so that side is face up and cut the last of the rind away.

You now have a center core and four sides you’ve cut away from it. It’s time to squeeze. Each piece is thinner and has less meat so it’s easier to squeeze all the juice out of it. When you’ve finished squeezing the sides you cut away, it’s time to wring out the juice from the center and that’s exactly what you do. Grab it at the top and bottom and twist. You now have far more juice from one lime than you’d ever be able to get cutting it as you normally would.

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