How to Cut Your Own Hair in Layers


Cutting your own hair can be a task, but anything is easier if you have a plan to follow. I had a friend recommend this video to me when I was complaining about the increase in price of a hair cut. She said she never cut her own hair once she found this technique. I watched the video and while it said that it was to refresh her hair between visits, I thought it might be a great way to cut down the number of visits and keep more money in my budget for other things I want.

I had to watch this one twice before I got up the nerve to start cutting. Even then, I sat in front of the video and paused it as I did each step. The results were phenomenal. While my hair isn’t nearly as thick and luxurious as her, darn it, it worked just as well for me as it did for her. I’m thinking of just having a hair cut a few times a year and using this technique as maintenance. I’ll see what happens.

In the mean time, I’m putting my savings into a jar for either something special or an emergency hair styling if I make a boo boo.

Credit: farahdhukai

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