How to Eliminate Nasolabial Fold or Laugh Lines at Home


Wow, I could play this video every day and follow it. It’s more than just a facial massage to remove the lines from the mouth and nose. It’s a facial massage for the whole face and doing it on myself, while not the best method, felt wonderful.

I’ve already talked to one of my friends and she said she’d love to do a home spa day where one of us massages the others face and then reverse the roles. I think that would be spectacular since it’s hard to get your own hands in just the right position for this.

I used coconut oil for my first massage and the second time switched to a lighter facial cream. I liked the coconut oil, but the lighter cream felt the best. I could feel the difference in my face, but time will tell whether it actually makes me look ten years younger.

After doing it twice, I checked closely and don’t see much of a difference. Of course, I’m kidding but wouldn’t it be nice if you could get results like that immediately.

image: EpicBeauty

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