Exercise your Face to Look Younger Naturally, Without any Creams or Injections


Wow! I watched this video from About.com that was about facial exercises. While Brent Stevens, a Kundalini Yoga instructor, who was presenting it, said it was for men, I don’t see why women couldn’t use it too. In fact, I tried it myself and thus far, haven’t noticed any voice change problem or facial hair starting.

These exercises are strictly to stimulate circulation in the face and relieve tension that can create wrinkling.

I love the last one, where you get to close your eyes. That’s a real whoopee for me. Not only do I get to do something good for my face, I get a moment of peaceful relaxation at the same time. I’m sure you’ll love these and maybe you and hubby can do them together. It only takes a few minutes and would make a great way to end the day, winding down with yoga facial exercises.

Credit: About.com