Quick Way to Remove Small Dents in Car

how to fix a small car-dent
I loved this video. We’re selling a vintage 1979 Chevrolet Caprice in pristine condition with only 65,000 miles. It was in pristine condition, until I decide it needed to exercise a bit and took it shopping with me. Seriously, I parked this car far away from the doors so there were several spaces on each side and no chance of someone bumping it.

I guess the guy in the big Caddie didn’t realize he could park anywhere and decided to park right next to my car, leaving a ding in the door when he got out to shop. While I did leave a “note” on his windshield, that didn’t solve my problem. This car had original paint and I didn’t want to chance taking it to a repair shop for such a small dent.

I found this video on YouTube by 333bony and another by killentime that showed how easy it is to fix small dents with just a hair dryer and compressed air. The heat from the hair dryer causes expansion, and the cold from the canned air causes contraction causing the dent to pop right out. I had both on hand and tried it! Success! It popped it out and even hubby couldn’t find where it was originally.


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