Have you ever noticed how thick some foundations are and just how unnatural they look once you apply them to your face? Pallavi Symons, makeup expert at Glamrs.com shows how you to eliminate that problem and get flawless coverage. This trick is great for women of all ages, but can be a great benefit for older women.

Applying foundation improperly can lead to making you look even older than your years. That’s because it slides in the crevices created by wrinkles and makes them even more noticeable. It’s also one reason to avoid a heavy hand when applying makeup the older you get.

You’ll love the easy technique and how dazzling your makeup turns out, even and smooth on every inch of her face. While I’ve been using a technique similar, one thing I’m missing that I know will make all my makeup look better is the brush she used to apply it and feather it out. That gave the overall look a shimmering smooth appeal you can’t get with your index and middle fingers.

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