How to Grow Hair Fast (Indian Hair Growth Secrets)


All the stresses take their toll on my tresses. I thought of that rhyme just now but didn’t open it just because it rhymed, I did it because it’s true. When I get stressed, my hair seems to fall out or quit growing.

I’ve tried the more expensive shampoo and conditioner, taking vitamins—which helped a bit—and brushing my hair a lot to stimulate the growth, but up until now, nothing worked. This video helped like magic. You won’t see a difference overnight. Frankly, that might be a bit scary if you did. However, after a few months, you’ll notice a huge difference.

When I saw way too much scalp one day after washing my hair, I decided that everything I had done up until then just wasn’t working, or didn’t work well enough to counter the hair loss. I had visited my physician and mentioned I was losing hair, and after several tests, she said it was probably from stress and to take it easier. Yeah, right. She did recommend supplementing with vitamins too.

Then I found this video and thought I’d give it a shot. I took a before picture as recommended. After a few weeks, I almost gave up but had decided that I would do this for two months before I quit. At the end of the two months, there was a marked difference and now, going on three months, I’ve never felt better about the appearance of my hair. It’s longer, thicker and more luxurious.

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Credit: superwowstyle