How to Hem Jeans in 15 Minutes and Keep the Original Hem


I have been accused of being able to wear almost any size from 0 to 16, depending on how low it was priced, but really, I’m not that frugal. However, when I came across a pair of designer jeans that were priced super low on the clearance rack and in my size, I snatched them up and ran to the changing room, hoping they weren’t sized wrong.

They were a perfect fit and less than $20. That’s right, not much less, but still less. They normally would run over $200 for this brand. There was only one problem. I forgot to mention they were extra long.

I was torn. These were such a huge bargain, but I was trying to live down my reputation and really wasn’t sure I could make them look right by hemming them. Then, I found this video and let me tell you, these babies were fixed that night and look fabulous.

I wasn’t going to tell anyone how much they cost but I couldn’t help myself. I also mentioned that I rehemmed them and my friends were amazed. These look like new….but, even better, since they cost me so little.

Credit: DIYDivasTV