How to Lighten Dark Underarms Naturally


I’m super mad at YouTube. I was feeling really good about myself, watching a video of a young goat romp and had to answer the phone. I forgot to hit the stop button and when I came back, this video of how to lighten my underarms just started. It evidently was one of the “recommended for you” videos.

Up until I watched the video, I actually hadn’t thought of what my underarms looked like unless I needed to remove hair. When I was done watching, I went to the mirror and checked. Sure enough, I have dark armpits. Now I have one more thing to worry about that can chip away at my self esteem if I let it.

Luckily, there were easy solutions for the problem. I loved the ideas and actually started doing them to be ready for the spring vacation season. We always go somewhere and it usually involves fun in the sun and sleeveless tops. I’ll have the best light armpits around by the time it gets here.

image: perfect beauty

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