How to Look Beautiful Without Makeup Naturally


Just the thought of leaving the house without makeup, even if it’s for a quick run to the store, can make most women cringe. Makeup is part of the morning ritual and a signal to ourselves we’ve put on the best face possible and are ready to face the world.

Is it the best and most attractive you can be? That’s not necessarily true. There are all types of looks, and the fresh-faced look sans the makeup is one of them. Yes, you can look fantastic without putting on even the slightest bit of eyeliner, lipstick or mascara, and some women do it daily. It does take some extra care for your skin and lips, but you’ll be rewarded for it.

Much of the beauty that comes with makeup occurs in our minds. If we feel attractive, we act differently and reflect a confident person to the world and one who feels beautiful. We’ve all seen the person who doesn’t possess classic beauty but is stunning or striking, which is sexy and appealing.

Those women have appeal because they have confidence in their appearance and ignore any flaws they may have while focusing on their natural beauty. You can do the same and even if you have flaws, nobody will notice them if you ignore them and focus on your beauty.

Credit: Sona Gasparian

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