How to Pose so You Dont Look Fat in Photos | Posing Tips


Posing is an art form that takes practice and was one of the first road blocks I encountered when taking pictures. Women, especially, would ask, “What do I do with my hands? Does my chin look fat? I never look good in pictures!” Sound familiar?

Well, now, thanks to the smartphone, every day is picture day. With everyone packing a camera in their pockets, we’re both equipped to capture the most unexpected of moments and challenged to look camera-ready. All. The. Time. So, in this selfie age, where we’re all thrown into the role of photographer and 24/7 subject, we can’t think of a better time to learn the rules of epic image-making.

Watch the video to show you how a simple adjustment to your pose can make a big difference in how wide or slim you’ll look in a photo

Credit: popsugar

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