How To Make A DIY Plastic Bag Dispenser


I have a friend who has several cats. She cut off the base of liter bottles of cola and cut the other open end down a bit so the opening was wider and screwed two of these to her staircase in the basement, right above the litter box. When she gets home from the grocery, she stuffs all her bags in the top of one of the two bottles and pulls them out of them out of the bottom when she needs a bag to clean litter. I thought that was what the video was going to show, but it wasn’t it at all.

I like this idea much better for my needs. I use only a few plastic bags a week or even a month, but when I need them, I want them easily available. I can sit this dispenser on a shelf and it’s easy to find. The hardest part was folding the bags, but I’ve done it twice now, since I made one for my child’s teacher for the classroom and the second time it was even easier.

I think it’s like anything else, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Enjoy this super simple project, you’ll love how convenient it is to have the bags in your kitchen or supply area all neat and ready for action.

image: Guidecentral English

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