How to Make Cake Pops – A Quick Recipe


My first thought when I saw this video making her cake pops with the cake scraps she cut off when creating a specialty cake was not “how clever” or “aren’t those adorable.” Instead, I wondered how she managed to have leftover cake.

I never have anything left even if I’m cutting off edges or half the cake. Between the kids walking through the kitchen and my nibbling, all the scraps disappear immediately. In order to try this one, I actually had to make a cake to crumble. Making the cake was the hardest part of this recipe and I cheated a bit by using a box mix, so it wasn’t that hard.

I am so glad I tried to make these cake pops. They are not just adorable, they’re extremely yummy. You won’t want two, right away at least, since these are extremely rich and sugary. These make a great treat for a school party or as a late night snack when the kids have a sleep over. I loved her idea of making a bouquet and creating a gift from them.

Credit: Amy Lynn’s kitchen