Birthday Cake Ideas: How to Make Cupcakes in Ice Cream Cones


I absolutely loved this idea. It was a cupcake in a cone that looked like it was filled with soft serve ice cream. In fact, I loved this one so much, rather than just serving it at a child’s party, I think it would go over well at any party. You could change the flavor of the cupcake to something more exotic and grownup and use a totally different type of candy surprise under the cupcake. These cupcake cones would be great with mini peanut butter cups or expensive chocolate in the bottom. There are also some great standbys that I love, like Good and Plenty or M&M peanut.

I thought of another great idea that could also be an activity if you’re serving these to children. You can prepare the cupcake cone, without putting on the topping. A large assortment of toppings could be available allowing the children to finish by adding sprinkles, crushed nuts or crushed Heath candy bars. This one looked like so much fun, I may just serve cones as a dessert this week.

Since my family would eat everyone of the cones in one sitting that a recipe would make, I’m going to freeze some of the baked cupcakes and mini cupcakes for later.

Credit: Howdini