How To Make Raw Apple Cider Vinegar From Scratch


I noticed that lots of you were asking where to buy ACV or don’t have an easy access for raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, which is very essential and one of my favorite ingredients ever since I started doing my DIY skincare. And if you’ve been reading some of my posts, you’ve learned the many health benefits ACV could offer.

This very simple recipe needs 3 basic ingredients and a dash of patience, because fermentation can take some time. The steps were really quite simple and again, this is a recipe that requires little to no measuring — the amount of apples used really isn’t important.

You’ll Need:

  • organic apple (red or green)/ you can also use the apple peels only
  • sugar or raw honey
  • purified water / mineral water (non-chlorinated)

After a week or two, if you feel that it is strong enough for you, you can already strain out the scraps from the container so all that’s left is the vinegar strain out the apples and pour the soon-to-be-vinegar into a canning jar, fit with a square of cheesecloth and canning lid.

This allows the vinegar to breath as well as keeps it from touching the metal, otherwise the metal will corrode. Leave it alone in your pantry for 6 weeks and then you’ll have a raw, unfiltered (ACV) vinegar. So easy, isn’t it?

Credit: PinayInsideOut

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