Appetizer: How to Make Spaghetti and Meatballs Muffin Bites


I was in a particularly frisky mood the other day when I came across this video on YouTube by Allrecipes. It was for spaghetti and meatball muffin cups. I hadn’t planned supper yet, but knew I had some homemade pasta sauce bags in the freezer and a bag with individual meatballs I made ahead. These were already cooked and ready to don the top of a plate of pasta. I watched the video intently and decided, hey it wouldn’t take much time and looked like fun. At that time I was all about more fun in my life, so it was a go.

I took out the sauce and meatballs ahead of time to let them thaw. These were relatively easy to make and while the water was heating, I submerged a bag of sauce to finish thawing it so I didn’t need to dirty a pan. Yeah, that’s always a goal. I didn’t do this long because I wasn’t sure whether the plastic would melt or not. Once the water came to a rolling boil, I made the pasta. While the whole process took a bit of time if you start counting the minutes from the time I took out the sauce and meatballs, the actual preparation time was minimal.

Yeah, that makes it taste even better. We had plenty of left-over spaghetti and some sauce, so I made individual pasta cups frozen in the left over sauce. I’m excited to know how those turn out when thawed and heated.

Credit: AllRecipes

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