How to Make Your Eyes Look Huge without Overdoing It


Sometimes I want to try something different when it comes to makeup, but often end up washing my face and starting back over with my normal makeup routine. That’s because everything I tried that was supposed to give me that huge wide eyed look ended up making me look a bit like I was a lady of the night. I wanted sexy, but that wasn’t the type of sexy I was trying to achieve. I wanted something that gave me a doe-eyed look, a look that was softer and almost innocent, which is also very sexy.

You guessed it, after trying several tips from the internet videos, I finally found one video that guided me all the way through the process from start to finish.

I duplicated my efforts on the evening we were to go out to a special company dinner and I must say, I looked absolutely amazing. Actually, I didn’t have to say it, everyone else did it for me.

Please watch the video below ↓ ↓


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