How to Marble Simple Yellow Dotted Flowers


I adore nail art, but normally my nails simply don’t end up looking like the ones in the pictures and I end up removing the everything that took me hours to apply. I’ve watched hours of videos with plenty of “how-to” easy to follow instructions and still have quite a few nails come out with questionable designs.

In my quest for finding the perfect nail art, one that I could do easily, I ran across this video on creating the perfect yellow flowers on your nail. The best part of it is that to be perfect, they don’t have to be perfect! You’ll understand that remark when you watch it.

I got it right the first time and loved the new look for my nails. It’s stylish enough for evening wear but light and airy enough for every day. You can’t ask for more. Best of all, it didn’t take hours for me to create and I was done in record time.

That means I can use it more often and maybe change the colors to get a wider variety of looks that go with all my clothes.

Credit: Drømmelakken

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