How to Mask Dark Under Eye Circles Using Red Lipstick


We’ve all tried them, those little tubes of concealer cream. I don’t know about you, but all I could see after I was done was the concealer cream with a light bluish undertone from the dark circles.

That left me with a look that said, “I’m trying to hide the fact that I have dark circles, so don’t judge me, even though it’s a futile attempt.” UGH! I can’t remember having dark circles, but I do have a baby picture where there weren’t any.

It must have been a good day. If dark circles plague you under your eyes, you’ll love this video by YouTuber Deepica Mutyala because the idea works. I found several reasons my concealer didn’t work well.

The first is mine comes in a tube, and I just rolled it on like you would lipstick on and then tried to blend it. She used a brush for the first coat before applying the concealer.

Then she used a sponge, and the concealer was thinner than mine. I think a brush or sponge would do far better than using my fingers in this case. Watch the video. It offers some great tips you’ll want to share with friends.

I’m still hunting for the perfect shade to apply first, before the concealer. Who ever would have imagined any shade of red would make those dark circles disappear like magic? I’m still shaking my head in wonder.

But can this work for my skin tone?

The best part is, this idea works for any and all skin colors! The only aspect it effects is what lipstick shade you may choose. If you have fair skin, try a peach hue.

If you’re tan or dark like Mutyala, an orangey red will work best. The finish on the lipstick is up to you, but if you have an exceptionally dry skin, you may want to use a moisturized lipstick.

Credit: Deepika Mutyala