How to Peel a Boiled Egg in 5 Seconds

peel off egg in seconds

Egg salad, the best! Deviled eggs, delicious! Peeling the eggs, tedious! I hate peeling eggs. Even when I immediately douse the hard boiled eggs in cold water, the shells seem to stick, making me pick bits and pieces off the egg and leaving pock marks everywhere I do it. It is time consuming, but doesn’t affect the egg salad, the deviled eggs are quite different. In fact, there are family jokes about my deviled eggs and all the jokes always have to do with accidents, acne or Swiss cheese! (I presume because some of them are filled with small holes.)

All the problems of peeling eggs are now just a faint bad memory from the past, since I watched this video. It’s an extremely easy method of removing the shell from the hard boiled egg AND you remove the shell almost whole without all those little bits of shells that sometimes make their way into the egg salad or deviled eggs. You’ll never have to tell someone it’s added calcium for their health when they eat one and always be proud of your deviled eggs.

Best of all, you’ll be able to make these dishes without spending endless hours of peeling. Now that’s a huge benefit. All you need is a glass, some water and a hard boiled egg. You can use this same technique, but with a bigger container, to do several eggs at one time.

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