How To Pick The Right Shade Of Foundation


You’re probably wondering how I could look so good using the wrong color foundation. I didn’t say I looked good; I said I looked like a star….a star zombie from the Walking Dead, that is. No matter what color you purchase in one line of makeup, if you switch brands, it might not be the same color in that brand.

I found that out the hard way. I won’t mention either brand, but found the same color name in another brand that was on sale and being a busy day (and also frugal) snatched it up without even holding the bottle up next to my skin.

One application told me I made a huge mistake. Not only was it lighter, it brought out my undertone, a green tone (I know the video said there was only yellow, blue and pink—but seriously, it’s green!), making me look makeup ready for the next zombie movie.

I started wearing this foundation and color years ago when a makeup expert gave me a makeover and made the recommendation. Your skin changes as you get older and also throughout the seasons, but I’ve stayed steady on this color because I didn’t know what another one to choose.

This video helped immensely, especially the hint on how to match your skin color. Watch it and feel free to share. I know you’ll get some helpful tips like I did.

Credit: Glamrs