How To Remove Wrinkles On Fingers

How To Remove Wrinkles On-Fingers

These days, nothing is impossible when it comes to beauty, as they said that the face could remodel impressively, and nobody can tell a person’s age by their saggy jowls and crows feet.

What shows a person’s longevity is their hands. You will naturally agree with me when I point the overlooked appendages of celebrities like Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Indeed, they have great bodies, but when you look at their hands, they look ancient.

As we age, our hands lose volume, fat, and elasticity. Because our fingers are always moving, we develop creases and wrinkles as we do in our face, especially in the high traffic areas like around the eyes or mouth.

Since the skin becomes thinner, the veins, tendons, and bones can begin to show through the back of the hands.

This is what creates the appearance of old hands. Once the skin has lost its collagen and elastin, then it will no longer bounce back into place as it once did in youth.

No amount of lotion or cream can replace the lost volume or restore the suppleness, though it can help to reduce the dryness of the outer layer of the skin.

Important Tips for your Hands:

It is highly recommended to exfoliate your hands 2 times a week ( you can read the instructions here).

And apply an anti-aging mask to the hands, and hydrate the skin with an anti-aging moisturizer. Wear gloves at night to lock in moisture.

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Credit: Shirleene Ho