Fold Your Tees This Way to Save Space for Flights or Limited Storage


This is a real lifesaver that I found super useful on a two week trip recently. I’m all about saving money and found a flight that was dirt cheap, but I only was allowed a carry on and one personal item, such as a purse. I first found the biggest purse in my closet and then the biggest carry on that was within allowed limits.

Then I went about finding new ways of packing and this technique was perfect. It allowed me to bring all the clothing I needed without wearing extra shirts or stuffing socks in my jacket pocket.

The army or military fold is also handy at home. I can fill a drawer with t-shirts that would normally take two drawers and I don’t have to push them down to close the drawer. Since storage is at a premium here, I always put winter things away in a plastic storage bin during the summer and visa versa. It eliminated the need for one of the bins, leaving it available for something else.

Credit:free beer production

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