How to: STOP Concealer from Creasing


Who wants a creasing, cakey under eye area? I’ve suffered a lot from under eye creasing when I do not powder, and under eye cakiness when I powder and it’s been an endless battle for me in which i was never sure which product really works.

Undereye circles and fine lines pose serious challenges when applying the perfect, all-day foundation and concealer. The thin, sensitive skin under the eye moves and bends throughout the day, causing creasing and unevenness.

Creased makeup often occurs because the skin around the eye is dry and needs a little more moisture to plump up fine lines and soften the skin. Make sure to gently dab a moisturizing cream or lightweight facial oil like jojoba (you only need a pea-sized drop) under the eye area. Let the moisturizer or facial oil to completely be absorbed before applying any concealer.