How to Stop Strapless Bra from Slipping Down


I hate wearing strapless bras that little by little start inching their way down as the evening progresses. It spoils the fun of an evening out and if it’s a business dinner, interferes with my goals of making a great impression.

That’s particularly important when I’m the “guest” at one of my husband’s dinners since I seldom see the people there, so the only way they know me is at company functions. I want to be able to talk with everyone around without excusing myself to go to the bathroom and dug up my bra.

One solution I thought of was to eliminate everything in my wardrobe that required a strapless bra, but that also eliminated most of my formal clothing and all of my “OMG, do I look hot” outfits. Then I ran across this video that had the perfect solution for the problem. I’ll be wearing those strapless tops more frequently this summer, not just for dressy occasions.