How To Stretch Shoes That Are Too Tight


I fell in love with this solution for tight shoes or on how to break in for the new shoes. This trick is so simple I have to wonder why I didn’t think of it but am extremely delighted she did and shared her idea with the rest of the world. There have been so many times that shoes felt good in the store, only to bring them home and find they pinch.

Some of it is that my feet are fatter or swollen at times, some of it was that I chose to ignore the pinch because I loved the shoes. Most of the time, the next size up was simply too large, so I took this pair and hoped I could break them in or find something else.

I have several pairs of shoes in my closet that I’ve worn once or never wore because they just weren’t comfortable and I didn’t want to take all the time necessary to break them in and make them comfortable. This video shows and easy way that takes very little of your time to do and just a short period to see results. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t think of the idea too! It’s just pure science.

One thing is for certain, where there is a will there is a way.

Credit: Michelle