Turning an Old Sweater into an Adorable Winter Beanie Hat

beanie hat DIY
I love repurposing things. I recently had a well loved but inexpensive and old recliner break and at the same time needed a bed for a very old, but quite loved cat. The two came together beautifully. I removed all the fabric from the chair and the padding. Washed the fabric and began my project. I was lucky enough the wood worked great for the frame and the fabric and padding stapled on easily to create a ultra lush cat bed for my feline friend. When I saw this video that showed how to repurpose sweaters and make them into warm winter beanie caps I knew I had to try it.

Every year I make a concerted effort to clean at least a trash bag of things out of my closet and drawers. I either donate them, give the items to friends or sell the items at an annual garage sale for the neighborhood. I decided not to wait until January first to start cleaning and found two sweaters that I loved, but looked horrible when worn. They’d been in the drawer for ages because, for some odd reason, I thought they might look better on me the next year….but they didn’t. It was time to put that great weave, color and design to work and turn them into a winter cap. I used a needle and thread because it’s just easier for me, but you can use a glue gun and fabric glue if you want to go faster. After following the instructions, I had two warm and stylish caps that I’ll definitely wear and eliminated from the drawers two sweaters that I wouldn’t.