How to Turn Your Leggings into a Crop Top


This is so fantastic and seriously easy that I practically fell off my chair when I saw it. I have a huge selection of leggings that I bought when I was in that mode. However, a few extra pounds made me rethink wearing them for a while until I totally got back into shape.

Once I got back into shape, I was past my leggings phase. You know what I mean, you love something and wear it all the time, but then find something else you love and the first item sits in your drawers until you finally pitch it or give it away. Not so this time.

I loved the idea of changing the leggings to crop tops with the simple cut of a scissor. It was easy and looked fabulous. While I haven’t done it to all of them, just in case, I got back in the leggings mode, the ones I did it to are now being used weekly and not just sitting in the drawer. I know you’ll love this one too.


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