How to Unshrink your Clothes

When you put your clothes in the washing machine you don’t expect anything to go wrong and in most of the cases, nothing happens and the results meet expectations to the letter. One particular thing that tends to ruin my day every now and then is an outfit shrinking beyond redemption, as a result of putting it in the dryer. Normally I don’t commit this mistake and am extra careful, but the truth is that if you wash and dry clothes often enough, it is only a matter of time until you will make a mistake.

The last time this happened I was on the brink of frustration, because the victim was one of my favorite outfits and it looked simply unwearable. When something sounds too good to be true I usually tend to believe that it is nothing more than wishful thinking and this was my reaction to the un-shrinking solution that a friend suggested. As I had no alternative way out of the mess I created, I decided to give this a rather revolutionary method a chance and results greatly exceeded my expectations.


Now I’m sharing it to you and I’m confident that if you resist your natural instinct of dismissing the solution as illusory, you will celebrate later.

The next time a garment falls victim to permanent press, try this fix.

1.) Just sink the affected garment in warm water
2.) Soak the item in water with one capful of baby shampoo.
3.) Wring it out gently, let the fibers in the fabric relax, then gently squeeze the water out.
(Placing of the cloth in a big towel and rolling it with the garment inside it to absorb excessive moisture.)
5.) As the damp piece air dries, carefully stretch it back to original size.

This technique works best on cotton or knit garments. Make sure to test a small patch with the solution before soaking to make sure your garment is compatible.

How to unshrink clothes

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