How to Wrap Awkward Presents

I found this great video that I just had to share. Finding ways to wrap some of the gifts that don’t have boxes has always been a challenge for me. I normally reverted to buying an expensive gift bag for them, which sometimes cost almost as much as the gift. After watching this video, gift bags are no longer necessary. In fact, one of the wrapping hacks looks like a gift bag, but costs pennies to make instead dollars to purchase.

I loved to give homemade candies as small gifts to friends and family, but often resorted to buying plastic containers, which either were too big or way too small. I couldn’t find just the right size to give a half dozen or so pieces. He offered a simple trick for wrapping that worked like a charm. It’s easy to make and you could use it for other types of small gifts that are difficult to wrap. I might use it for those cute earrings so they don’t get lost among the other gifts. Watch it and you’ll find quite a few helpful ideas you’re going to want to try.

Credit: DaveHax

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