Inexpensive Stress Balls You Can Make at Home


A stress ball is NOT a fancy dance where everyone is under a great deal of pressure but a small squishy ball you squeeze or manipulate in some manner to relieve yourself of pressure. These are quite popular for executives or people who work in high energy, competitive jobs, but are also fun for kids to play with and can be a way to keep them entertained on a cold rainy day. They’re also great for those people who constantly have a rolled up Kleenex, napkin or handkerchief in their hand. They’re using the paper as a stress relief without even knowing it.

What’s even better than playing with a stress ball is making your own and getting the satisfaction of having created your own “work of art.” These are inexpensive and easy to make so you can use them as a project for children. Whether you’re a leader of a scout group, a classroom teacher or just want something to keep the kids from whining about nothing to do, these are great entertainment to make and they each have an attractive bounty for their efforts when they’re finished. It doesn’t require expensive supplies or hard to get equipment. Most people will have everything they need in their home. Yes, I always keep balloons on hand as I heard blowing a few up every day improves your lung capacity. So far I’ve blown up one.

The video suggest you wrap several layers and I say the more the better. It makes it more durable and won’t be prone to bursting and dusting your room. If three layers are good, and the minimum number of layers recommended, four to six are even better. Try this at home and you’ll have a blast.

Image: Grant Thompson