How to Keep a Cut Avocado Fresh for 72 Hours

how to make avocado stay fresh
Whether you’re an avocado fan, love guacamole or appreciate them both, there’s nothing more disturbing than to watch your favorite snack turn from an appetizing light greenish yellow to a brown funky mess. I’m a guacamole fan and my better half loves both fresh avocados and guacamole so we have them in the house all the time, particularly since they’re now so popular for good health. It seems no matter how I stored either, it was brown by the next day. When I ran across this video, I knew I had to watch it. While my spouse will scrape and eat the fruit, yes it’s a fruit, I pitch all brown fruit or green meat. Finding a way to keep it looking fresh is important.

Even though they offer several methods of keeping this fruit fresh, one stands apart from the others and got my vote of confidence. That method works great, even though I was sure another one would be the winner, it turned out to be next to the last. You’ll be amazed at the difference in color and texture based on how it’s stored. I’ll never have to pitch a batch of guacamole or a half of an avocado again thanks to the video and you won’t either once you watch it.

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