10 Tricks That Will Change the Way You Do Laundry Forever


I have so many solo socks waiting for their partner to show up. I could stock an entire junior high class with mismatched socks for a week. While it may be all the rage for tweeners, I’m not excited about the look. It was bad enough that I was forced to wear two non-matching black socks the other day, I refuse to wear two that are different colors. I’m not alone.

I had a friend come over the other day and tell me her washer was eating her socks. She has a front loader, and when she opened the door, she noticed something peeking out behind the door seal. She looked closer and noticed it was a sock. Upon more inspection found five more under the seal.

I love the YouTube videos by WhatsUpMoms, and when I watched this one, the first tip was just what I needed for my sock problem. I shared it with my friend, and she loved it.

For next Christmas, I’m giving everyone a laundry hamper with a clothes pinned bag on it and directions on how to use it to prevent losing socks. I loved this idea and found other helpful ones too.

Credit: Whatsupmom

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