How to Lose 1 Inch Up Overnight |DIY Body Wrap


Want firmer skin and a slimmer body overnight? I am a big body wrap fan and this ginger wrap ranks among my all-time favorites. It uses the slimming power of an amazing superfood. Ginger has long been recognized as one of the most incredible health and beauty products. I love cooking with it and I love using it in the creation of beauty treatments.

Eating ginger speeds up your metabolism and promotes faster weight loss. This is why I decided to try its topical application and see whether a ginger body wrap would deliver the same amazing effects like drinking ginger tea, for example.

Really, it is the compression and the body heat generated from the wrap that does most of the work. So it is okay to be a little creative. Here is what was handy.

You’ll Need:

  • 1 tbsp of ground ginger (this is what I used) and a couple tbsp of your favorite body lotion. You can use any lotion (whatever available) or a firming lotion.
  • Also you can use fresh ginger if you have a way to turn it into a paste, like with a food processor. Fresh ginger would probably work better but I used ground ginger because it was easier to mix. Here is what it should look like.
  • OR you can use simply use a lotion and vitamin E oil instead ginger powder


  • Don’t skip this next step. Take a hand towel and wet it down with water as hot as you can stand it. Wring out the excess water then place it on the area you want to wrap for a few minutes until it cools.
  • Or you can skip the above step if you have a heat pad available. Just place it on top of the wrapped area while laying down.
  • This opens up the pores, making the wrap twice as effective. Believe me it is more than worth the few extra minutes.
  • Apply a thick layer over skin on the area you wish to reduce. Do not rub in. Wrap area with several layers of clear plastic cling wrap. And then, wrap over that with Ace bandage wrap (or another saran wrap), starting from the bottom and working your way up ( *but this is optional).
  • Do not wrap too tightly or you will be uncomfortable. The goal is for it to be just tight enough to stay on. Any tighter than that and it will feel like a corset and you won’t be able to keep it on long enough to get results. Lay down or sit and relax. You don’t want to do too much bending or moving. You can get up and walk around if you need to. You are not confined to your bed or chair but take it easy.
  • Watch a movie or read a book. This is your spa day so no housework until your wrap is over. You want to leave it on for 4 to 6 hours. I left mine on for 4 hours and I can see the result ( I lost almost 2 inches from my waist).

Why This Works:

Because of its warming effect, ginger decreases the amounts of fat stored right under the skin. When blended with a range of essential oils and massaged into the skin, a ginger treatment can deliver even better results. Apart from having weekly body wraps, you can massage ginger oil in the problem spot before going to bed. You will soon start seeing a difference.

This is not going to make you lose weight permanently. This works just like the wraps in the spa to help you shed water weight for the next event or get together you may want to go to. Perhaps, you have a friend’s wedding coming up and you just need to lose a few inches to zip up that dress or those pants, then you can do this before the event and this works for those type of occasions.

Credit: Danielle Stewart

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