Magical Thing That Happens When You Put an Ice Cube Here


If you’ve ever read about acupuncture, you know that many of the techniques used actually work. I’ve used acupressure to help relieve a headache by pinching the webbing between my thumb and first finger. It hurts a bit, but only when I have a headache. Withing seconds I get almost instant relief. I now found a new technique from Tip Hero that uses ice cubes on the acupuncture point that can improve your energy dramatically. I’m all for extra energy so I gave it a shot, hoping I’d see improvement.

It’s simple enough, just put the ice cubes on the small of your neck at an acupuncture point just below the hairline. Hold it there or tie it with a scarf for 20 minutes. Like magic, you get the same rush of endorphines that boost your mood and your energy level. When I told a friend of mine about it, she said they did the same thing to her in the emergency room, but that was to slow down her tachycardia. Then she added, “They charged me $3000 to do it.”

Here’s how it works according to Beauty Health Page:

Lie flat on the stomach and place an ice cube on the Feng Fu spot or the hole located at the back of your head. Also, you can sit. Hold the ice cube for 20 minutes and you can secure it with a scarf, bandage or anything else. Repeat this in the morning before you drink or eat anything and before you go to bed at night. You should do a 2-day pause between two treatments and don’t worry, you won’t get a cold.

Benefits of Practicing This ?
Most notably, people have noticed immediate euphoria in the first few days because of the rush of endorphins into the bloodstream. But also, doing this could help you to relieve headaches, banish colds and get better sleep. You should also notice an improved mood all around.

This one is free, but there are warnings not to do it if you have a pacemaker, epilepsy, schizophrenia or are pregnant. I think the key here is that this balances the body, which would probably also normalize the heart rate in the process.
Image: Steven Aitchison

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