Watch What This Common Household Ingredient Does To Mold


You hear so much today about the harm that mold can cause in a home. Not only does it look incredibly unappealing, it can cause severe health problems and also trigger nasty allergic reactions. Getting rid of it isn’t always that easy, particularly if you have a build up in a damp area, such as under the sink in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

I’ve used vinegar regularly, but was afraid to put it on some of the surfaces and wasn’t pleased with the results. Then I found this video that added hydrogen peroxide to the fight against mold and mildew. It works like a champ.

Even though the video didn’t mention this use for the peroxide, I thought I’d add it, since I just used it. I was cleaning the kitchen and ran out of bleach to remove the stains from the sink. In a last ditch effort, I mixed baking soda with hydrogen peroxide to create a thin paste and applied it everywhere on the porcelain and let it sit, doing something else while I hoped it worked its magic.

When I came back, the sink was the creamy tone it was meant to be, not a yucky coffee stained color. I’ve also used a watered down 1% solution (1 part H2O2 and 2 parts water) mixed with Borax to eliminate ear mites in pets.

Watch the video and you’ll see some great tips that make this inexpensive item even more valuable in the home.

Image: BoiseIdaho