7 Money Saving Life Hacks You Should Know


I’m always up for ways that save money and don’t require a lot of effort. That’s why I was extremely happy when I found this video. He showed seven great ways to save money on things you use every day. In fact, I’m trying one of those ways as soon as I’m done with this article. While I don’t want to give away everything in the video, I will say it involves saving money on my water bill, which is huge right now. If you live in California, you know how important it is to conserve as much water as possible.

Saving money comes with some bonuses. The tips he included don’t involve any nasty toxic chemicals and can make your home more environmentally friendly. I think you’ll find some great ideas you might not have already known. I know I did.

It’s worth a view if you only find one that saves you money. Every little bit helps and pennies add up to dollars. I’m tracking all the savings I get from this and other ideas. I calculate it at the end of the month and put that amount in a jar. At the end of the year, I’m using it for something special.

Credit: Householdhacker