Stunning No Heat Curls using Socks


I loved this idea on getting curls. It’s a way to get luxurious curls using socks as rollers. My mother, who by the way is a history buff when it comes to hairstyles and fashion, stopped by just as I finished watching the video and I had to show her this great idea. Talk about burst your bubble! She really wasn’t impressed. It seems women in the 1940s and during WWII—she always adds the words, “the big one” after it—used to use a similar idea. Not only did they achieve curls with bobby pins, they also tied their hair in pieces of rags to get curly locks. So, socks for curly locks may not be new, but it was new to me.

I like the idea of how easy this was to do, but most of all appreciated the fact that Nicole was testing it for me. She seemed surprised that it actually worked, and quite well too, by the way. It just goes to show you that sometimes old ideas can become new and fashionable again. Anyway, if you want an easy way to have tendrils of curls cascading, this is a super easy way to achieve it. It only took a few minutes—the exact amount of time is hard to predict since she super speeded the video for the process—to get a great look and she didn’t use any damaging heat, just socks.

Credit:Nicole Skyes

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