4 Easy No Heat Hair Styles: How to do Messy Buns


It’s amazing that one of the sexiest hairstyles isn’t perfect but has cavalier, unfinished appearance and often takes the longest and most work to create. It gives the illusion of confidence because it tells the world you feel beautiful even if you just got out of bed or out of the water at the beach. That gives the illusion you’re quite comfortable with yourself and how you look. Anyone who’s ever tried those casually beautiful styles knows it’s really hard to get the undone appearance.

The problem occurs when you’re trying to get the “look” that says you look fantastic even just out of bed, you probably want to make it look perfect. The messy bun has a fine edge that’s often tough to capture. You don’t want it too neat, but if it’s too messy, it doesn’t look good either.

The best way is always the easiest way and here are four different messy bun styles you can create in a few minutes without all the extra fuss.

Image: Aspyn Ovard

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