You’ll Love This Easy No-Mess Omelet Idea


Wow! Now I’ve seen it all and found the perfect way to make having a Sunday brunch or a camping breakfast easy-peasy with absolutely no mess. This idea is fantastic and doesn’t require a skillet. You can actually make individual omelets without ever dirtying even a fork. It all starts with simple quart size freezer bags, a pot of boiling water and the ingredients for an omelet.

I remember that the worse part of camping out was the meals, especially breakfast. It wasn’t a problem making the meals, but the clean up was horrible. It involved waiting for two pots of water to boil, one for washing and one for rinsing. That took quite a while, even if you started it during the meal, and you still had to do the dishes once it boiled. This is so easy because you can use paper plates and when the meal is done, the pot is still clean and sterilized from the boiling water. I wonder if you could use it to make the coffee once the omelets cook.

Since you can make these ahead, it’s a great way to enjoy the morning without spending all your time in the kitchen when you have guests. You could also get the kids involved if it’s just a family meal. They always love squishing things, so the project is perfect. I know you’ll love this as much as I do so I had to share it. Just watched and you’ll be amazed that you didn’t think of it before you saw this video.

Credit: Allrecipes