Nutella Stuffed Churros Donut Holes


Our family love churros, who can resist that cinnamon sugar smell floating through the air inside a mall while shopping? I guess, those pastry shops don’t need any logos or banners, let the free smell pollute the air and we churros lovers will just dig in.

But wait, churros taste much better especially if they are homemade, don’t ya think? They are like soft pretzels, and there’s something about the pretzel bites that’s just irresistible to munch.

Likewise with donut holes. It’s like popping one bite into your mouth while grabbing another until the bag is empty.

I’ve learned that churros can be made with or without eggs, actually. I tried both and I love them sans the egg. (it’s just me, I guess). It’s totally optional, you can even bake them or fry them.

Please watch version where you oven-bake the donut holes below ↓ ↓

Credit: LumpyCats

Another version where you deep fry the donut holes ↓ ↓

Credit: Tasty

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